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Basic Information About Leukemia And Its Effects

Leukemia is a cancer which starts in bone marrow and affects blood cells. Leukemia causes problems in blood cells. Our blood consists of plasma and blood cells. About 45% of blood consists of blood cells. As leukemia damages blood cells, so it is necessary to understand blood cells and their role in our body.

Blood cells consist of Red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. Red blood cells control the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our body. White cells are part of immune system. Immune system protects body against diseases. Immune system searches out for harmful tumors in body and kills them. Platelets are clotting bodies. Platelets prevent excessive bleeding in case of any injury. If our body fails to maintain a sufficient level of blood cells, we may suffer from a number of diseases and affected person can die. All these blood cells are produced in bone marrow.

In a normal body, blood cells are produced at regular intervals as old cells die after certain time of period and get replaced by new healthy cells. Some time DNA of cells is damaged due to some unknown reasons. As a result of this bone marrow produces immature and abnormal cells. Mostly this abnormality occurs with white blood cells. A huge quantity of immature cells is produced. These abnormal cells do not die easily and replace most of the normal blood cells. This causes a great deficiency of normal cells. This situation is termed as Leukemia.

Leukemia symptoms include red spot on body, fatigue, weight loss, swelling in Lymph nodes and pain in joints.

All of the leukemia symptoms can happen due to other diseases. So if someone feels such symptoms, he should not worry and get appointment from a doctor.

By: M.Anwar