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Be a Part of the Recession Proof Industry, Join a Mass Media Program   by Surendra Rawat

in Education / College and University    (submitted 2012-06-11)

The following write up starts with the history of media and the significant role it has been playing in the growth of human society. This further goes on explaining the requirement of joining a course in Mass Media in order to pursue a successful profession in the field of Media.

The maxim “world is a very small place” is perhaps the result of the role, media has played in the last few decades in the development and functioning of the communication all across the world. Today, you get news of any incident taking place in any corner in the world within a span of few minutes. The internet era has made this world a global village. Mass Media is not something which is invented only in the last few years, it is an element of society since the advent of it and with the growth in human society the mass media has developed equally and today, it has become a part and parcel of the world communication order. Today media is not merely a spectator rather it is an activist, which informs, creates awareness and takes actions also in order to do some good for the masses. Therefore, it is also given the name of Fourth Estate.

Amidst this growth, there are thousands of job opportunities in the Mass Media for the students, who have passion for this industry. Media Programs are in vogue these days and students travel across the world for pursuing professional studies in this sphere. Unlike the common notion that this is not a very lucrative industry, today most of the media organizations pay amazing packages to their employees. When you start as a fresher, this may involve lots of struggle but once you are established and proved your mettle, then you would start loving every bit of it. However, the job is very challenging every other day. The best part of it is that whatever the economic situation of the nation is, it won’t stop the communication, making it a recession proof career.

Media Programs train students for verbal and written communication skills along with all the communication theories, because this whole profession revolves around the communication, therefore it is imperative for the students to master it. Mass Media is not circumscribed to the profile of news channels or news papers only, the field is as vast as you could think of. The whole television, print, radio and now internet also are the parts of mass media and require plenty of ace media professionals to deal with the various steps of communication.

WLCI has been training media professionals for the last ten years and is known as one of the distinctive Institutes for Media Studies. Many reputed professionals are called to train the students during the program and students are sent for the internship to have a firsthand exposure of the field. The institute offers a dynamic and industry oriented curriculum to its students, thus, has successfully churned out the best of media professionals in the last decade.