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Better Communication With Collaboration Solutions

Close interaction between remote offices is essential for smooth workflow, but having a streamlined means of communication is just as important. Poor or ineffective communications in an organisation can do more harm than good and possibly lead to profitability loss. Thus, a platform that provides conferencing online is an effective way to maintain seamless coordination between remote offices of any firm. Through streamlined communication it will be possible for employees to gain valuable insights about ongoing projects and reduce the amount of routine work.

For an optimal online meeting, it is important that relevant documents and data are readily available for all the group members over an open platform in the event. All users attending the virtual meeting should be able to access the requisite information in real-time. Moreover, it becomes possible to give clear and concise instructions and relevant feedback during the meeting to team members working on the same project to minimise communication breakdown. For online events. geographically dispersed participants need not come to a common venue; rather, the event can be set up at a time that is most suitable for people in consideration for their time zones.

Being able to leverage technology that can help all participants be involved in the event is another crucial aspect of a virtual conference. Organisations can opt for a Conferencing Solution that can be accessed from different devices and variegated operating systems. The perfect solution would be interoperable such that it can be used by attendees working on desktops as well as handheld gadgets, connecting people working on iOS, Android, Windows and BB OS, among others. Considering the high mobility of Malaysians, it is extremely useful that the solution should support mobile devices and have presence indicators. Moreover, conferencing online suites today are mostly based on the cloud platform, so that it can be accessed from a web browser window, without any additional downloads and plug-ins.

Costing is always a huge concern for any organisation and, thus, it is an advantage when conferencing solutions are delivered as Software-as-a-Solution (SaaS) model. Customers have the option to be billed on per user, per minute basis. This will ensure that they are charged only for the amount of data that they have consumed, thereby bringing down the costs manifolds.

By: Dines Mark