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Business Solutions With Time Management

Whether you are an entrepreneur who is growing a business or a manager in charge of a department, time is your most precious resource.

The only way to stay on top of it all is to find the right tools to help you manage everything. Software programs that manage your employee's time can free your time for more intensive tasks. By using applications such as Call The Time your employees can clock in and out by phone from wherever they happen to be. Because they can use Call The Time to check in from any phone, either landline or mobile, you will be able to take your mind off their comings and goings and deal with other issues of running your business.

Saving time is just one advantage of using a timekeeping system that is web-based. It can also help keep administrative costs down and productivity up. Use of an automated system eliminates costly data entry and recording errors that often plague payroll. Mistakes are hard to catch and expensive to rectify. Approvals and redundancy, both necessary with most timekeeping systems, are not needed with a call-in automated system.

Call The Time keeps accurate records of attendance and working time regardless of where your employees are. Anyone who has employees working off-site is familiar with such problems as long lunches, extended breaks, crew members signing in and out for each other, and other behavior that costs money and drains morale. Whether they are working from home or in the field, you can rely on getting effective monitoring of your employee's productivity.

Call the Time gives employers the ability to verify what employees do throughout the day as it relates to their breaks, beginning and ending times, and location whereabouts. It comes with a configurable GPS mobile tracking device that allows employers and managers to track the exact location of employees, which means that you can verify that employees are not only where they say they are at, but also working in the location to which you assigned them.

Call The Time is a web based service available by subscription. There is no software or hardware to buy and install. The system works through your regular Internet connection and the only setup involved is entering your employee data. There are no increased phone costs because employees log in and out on mobile phones or landlines by way of a free number. When upgrades to the system come out they can be uploaded automatically with no inconvenience to the user.

Payment pricing depends on the number of employees your business needs to track. Call The Time can manage any number of employees.