Corporate Video Production Tips

Corporate Video Production Tips - 6 Key Phases to Create the Most Effective Corporate VideoВ В  by Julian Smith

in Technology / Information Technology В В  (submitted 2013-01-04)

- Corporate video production can vary in scale from creative concept to production needs, location and budget. The purpose of the video and its end application should always be kept in mind when undergoing a corporate video production.

Body - A professional corporate video production company should comprise of forward thinking/industry leading content producers, writers, directors, cinematographers, editors/animators, and should have the equipment to make high quality and sophisticated video production for all your marketing/sales and promotional needs. Creating digital video content is cost effective and allows the medium to be used on many different platforms from broadcast to interactive media. This can prove to be an exceptionally useful and valuable marketing tool to any corporation, artist, producer etc.

Here are "6 Key Phases" to create the most effective and emotionally engaging corporate video that will strengthen your company's brand awareness, integrity and make a lasting impression on your end audience.

STAGE 1 - Assessment and Proposal

Assess your audience, needs, time-lime, and scope of your project. Find inspiration, examples of what competitors are doing etc. Then get a proposal that will help you achieve your goals. The best part about the proposal stage is that it is provided free of cost by many corporate video production companies.

STAGE 2 - Conceptualization/Creative

Have a creative brainstorming session on the ideas that will make your video leave an impression! Use our strategic, forward thinking creative team to enhance your corporate videos and make them pop!

STAGE 3 - Pre-Production

The pre-production phase is crucial to getting the production organized and scheduled. Effective scheduling will keep the project on time and within budget. This is probably the most important stage of production in order to avoid complications in production and post.

STAGE 4 - Production

The production stage is all about performance. The production stage is crucial for the delivery of a high quality corporate video, it should be planned well so that everyone is prepped and ready to go on the day.

STAGE 5 - Post-Production

Motion graphics/titles, animation, video editing, voice-overs, music, sound design and mix. See the magic of production as all of the elements come together to create your video. Post production should be handled by industry leading creative post production professionals like video editors, sound designers, animators and broadcast designers.

STAGE 6 - Deliverables

Get your final product delivered whether it be on the web, DVD, Blu-ray or powerpoint. Once your project passes through the post production phase, there are plenty of options to version your product for USB drives, interactive CD content, web streaming, business card CD etc.

STAGE 7 - Video Marketing & Promotions

Get your video out quickly with online platforms such as Youtube and Vimeo. There are over 15 valuable online platforms to get your video shown. Create a buzz on Twitter, and liked on Facebook. Most importantly, track the views it gets. Author and encode your video onto DVD or Blu-ray. DVD, CD, Blu-ray, USB and SD cards are great tangible marketing solutions for your video.