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Dubturbo - The Best Audio Production Software For BeginnersВ В  by Colin James

in Entertainment / Music В В  (submitted 2011-02-24)

Before you purchase audio production software, there are a few things to consider. You do not want to be subjected to a massive learning curve that will just leave you frustrated and you do not want to be spending huge amounts of money on products that you may not use too often due to being frustrated.

Finding beat production software that allows you to get started making beats straight away, has loads of features and does not break the bank is very difficult.

This is where Dubturbo comes in. It is a fully functional sound production software which has many of the features you get with the major beat makers such as Cubase but with a considerably lower price tag.

This article will discuss the features of Dubturbo and why, I think, it is the best sound production software on the market that has the beginner in mind.

First of all, and probably the most important, is Dubturbo uses WAV files at 16 bit, 44.1 kHz which is red book CD standard that you hear on the radio. The reason this is important is because if you are good enough and want to sell your beats, you will be able to as this is industry standard. If you tried to sell MP3's, as a lot of other beat makers produce, you would be laughed at as the algorithm MP3 uses, cuts out a lot of frequencies at both ends of the spectrum making the sounds thin. Not good if you want to be making hard hitting dance or hip hop tracks.

The other aspect to Dubturbo is that it is not just a 1 bar looper. Dubturbo has 32 bars plus which means that your 3 minute music piece can be interesting and not just loop the same one bar over and over again.

With Dubturbo, you can also import your own sounds which is extremely important if you want to get your own sound. With everybody using just the sounds that came with the software (of which there are thousands anyway), there would be quite a lot of music sounding similar. Importing your own allows your creativity and individuality to shine through.

As I say, there are already thousands of sounds to choose from when you are just starting out with the software in the form of different kits, synths and effects that as you go through the tutorial videos there is more than enough diversity to keep you occupied.

The tutorial videos are easy to understand and will have you making beats after the second one which is about twenty minutes after you open up the program!

The interface is really easy to understand and you can input your sounds manually beat by beat or play along on your computer keyboard to a metronome for that human touch.

When you are finished with your masterpiece, you can export it to CD or put them up on the Dubturbo roster for sale. Dubturbo actually help you to gain recognition too!

You do not need a high tech computer for it to work and you can work offline or online. I would recommend just working online as then you are not susceptible to network crashes and losing your hard work.

There is loads more Dubturbo has to offer and in my opinion it is far and away the best sound production software for the beginner to get into.