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Gorgon Medusa Facts And Information

Medusa was born with two sisters, Stheno and Euryale. Her parents were Sea Titans Poreys and Ceto. Three of them previously worked for the Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, as priestesses.

Poseidon was so infatuated with Medusa, so he had relations with her inside the temple of Athena. According to some myths, Poseidon even raped her inside the temple.

Medusa was later killed by Perseus, the son of Danae. Perseus cut off her head.

Medusa also known as the Libyan Queen and Serpent Goddess of Wisdom. Medusa was called the Libyan Queen because it was believed she can be found in Libya, not the underworld.

Some people believe that the reason why Poseidon was so attracted to Medusa because her parents were sea monsters and Poseidon was the God of the Sea, therefore it could have been a natural instinct.

Pegasus, the beautiful white winged horse and Chrysaor were Medusa's sons. Right after Perseus beheaded Medusa, her children came out. Chrysaor and Pegasus, which Perseus chose to ignore and flee.

The head of Medusa was given by Perseus to Athena to thank her and Athena used it as a shield on her breast plate. According to other stories, Athena also used the skin of Medusa as a cloak.

Other stories also tell that the reason why Medusa was transformed into a Gorgon because she was stating that she is more beautiful than Athena. She also said that she has better hair than Athena.