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How many steps to Jumpstart Your Audio Product Creation?В В  by Harbans Lal

in Internet В В  (submitted 2009-02-10)

If adding MP3s and CD series to your product line is in your plans, then this article is a must read. In here, I will discuss the 7 steps that you must follow to get your audio product created and jumpstarted in no time:

1. Content. To ensure your product sells, make sure your content focuses on topics your prospects can relate to. Making that connection with your audience is invaluable, you want them to relate to you, like your audio product was specifically written about them. Also, create a different and unique product, something that will separate you from everyone else.

3. Recording studio. I know everyone would like to save money and rent time in a recording studio with top end equipment. Personally, I would recommend converting a room in your house to a recording studio. Invest in some quality microphones, recording equipment, mixing board, as well as padding to sound proof your room. With the foam padding sound proofing the room, this will ensure you don't capture any unnecessary background noise, getting the clearest sound possible.

4. Record. You should get to recording after you've practiced enough that your performance feels like second nature. You should be able to step to the microphone and not think about anything, your performance just happens, it feels so natural. Sound very calm and friendly throughout the process, like your speaking face to face to your prospects. Also, make sure your audio products will show your expertise and credibility about said product.

5. Revise. Prior to selling your MP3s or CD series, have someone (preferably someone with great knowledge about your chosen niche) listen to your product. Listen to their feedback and comments, make notes and necessary revisions to improve your product.

7. Run some advertising gimmicks. Everyone loves a gimmick, whether it's a freebie or a discount, and noise is good noise. Offer great discounts or free short ebooks or vouchers, anything to get people to come to your site.

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