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Invest in Website Video ProductionВ В  by MultiVisionDigital

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Over the past two years multiple research reports have showcased how corporate video production can support driving marketing metrics across the entire sales process. What makes web video production, sometimes referred to as online business, so powerful is how they move customers through the sales process - turning them in to qualified leads and paying customers. Thus website has quickly become the "must have" advertising, marketing and communications tool for businesses of all kinds.

The inclusion of business to business can become a useful everyday tool in the life of a long sales and marketing processes. It gives companies valuable marketing assets to increase the interactivity and engagement on their website and thus increasing conversion rates and driving more leads and more sales to the business.

Research from Forbes, eMarketer, Forrester, ComScore and other top organizations support how your video marketing services investment can really pay off for you by engaging customers and moving them through the sales cycle. These organizations report that corporate video productions create some form of action and move prospects deeper into the sales cycle.

"A website video production posted on a company's website, delivers a more engaging and personal message." says Robert Weiss, President of MultiVision Digital a New York City company that also specializes in video marketing services.

And because of the internet, web video marketing is now longer just for the Fortune 1000 with big budgets. Web video marketing is a great investment for smaller businesses too.

While it does not have to be expensive, businesses should look for a professional company to make sure they end up with a professional quality video. Finding a company should not be hard. This should give you a good list of local web companies to share your ideas with.

Once you have found a few trusted video marketing service providers you can make sure that your marketing investment produces immediate and direct results by posting it on your web video production on your website and other places on the Internet (such as social networking websites i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).

For examples, stats and figures about how NYC online video production and marketing with video can drive sales results visit

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