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Latent Semantic Indexing - Utilizing Lsi Keywords To Generate Relevant Content

Content is the king and this is what search engine give a prominence when they out searching, indexing and ranking a particular site. The use of right LSI keywords in the content matter helps the search engine a great deal on awarding the higher page ranking

Latent Semantic Indexing

In this format, the search engine place great importance on how the keywords and their related terms are used through out the content body. Instead of repeating a single keyword throughout the content, the search engine in Latent Semantic Indexing uses the LSI Keywords or related phrases along with the root keyword to broaden its scope of search and judge the relevant content properly before giving it a higher page ranking. This guarantees that a deserving site gets a higher page ranking than a less deserving site.

Using LSI Keywords

It is good practice to mix up the main keyword with related terms or phrases in the content body rather than worry about where to place the keywords to achieve the maximum search engine results. Keyword count is also of no importance in the Latent Semantic Indexing. Instead LSI keywords should be laid out in the content in a manner that the content sounds very natural and free flowing. This is the right way to decide correctly where to place the keywords paragraph-by-paragraph, without worrying about search engine results.

Placing Keywords in Title and Headings

It is a good SEO practice to place the primary keyword in the title and the LSI keywords in the subheadings because these are the places where search engine looks for the clues. Besides this the title and the content matter should be relevant to each other so that engine can trust the site, before it indexes and ranks it. Next important step is mention different but related keywords or phrases in the inbound links because these also come under the scanner of the engine spider. Repeating a single keyword or phrase, here gets a lower page ranking from the engine.

Relevant Content