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LED Display Industry-20-Year OverviewВ В  by hi joiney

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First, the basic situation of the domestic LED display industry, LED display screen industry in China started in the early 90s, and always maintain a high-speed development. According to China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, LED display applications branch of statistics and estimates, as well as domestic data provided by relevant institutions, as of November 2008 he joined the Optical Society LED display applications Branch 204 member units, the National has a more formal professional production of 300 ~ 400 units engaged in the production of LED display applications more than 1000 companies engaged in LED display applications, including sales, production, support services and other enterprises is estimated that no less than 3,000. As of the end of 2007 member trade association for practitioners of 16356 people, it is estimated LED screen across the country to display application-oriented products, industry employment has 3 million people. 2007 output value of approximately 72 billion yuan in 2008 the national output is expected to be nearly billion. Manufacturers, according to industry statistics compiled by the Northeast accounted for 6%, Southwest Northwest Central China accounted for 17%, 16% in North China, East China accounted for 41%, 20%.2007 years of the South China LED display sales accounted for 5.1% in the Northeast, Southwest Northwest Central China accounted for 15.7 %, 14.5% in North China. East China accounted for 30.8%, South 33.8%. Thus, from the industrial layout, we have LED display industry is mainly concentrated in eastern and southern China, these two products accounted for the overall size of the country than 60%. As the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 is expected in 2008 the proportion of sales in North China may have increased significantly. Second, the characteristics of development of the industry (A) high-speed development in 2007 and 2008 As China's rapid economic development and the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, so that LED display industry is a good opportunity for development. Industry in general have more than the previous years, significant growth in 2007 increased by over 40%, the growth rate in recent years, the biggest year. The growth rate in 2008 is expected to not less than 40%, fully demonstrated the Chinese LED display industry in 2007 and 2008 have high-speed development. (B) display technology continues to progress and continuously improve the quality of LED technology and computer technology and electronic technology advances, LED display technology is also seen rapid development. Display colors from a single, two-color to full color spread, display content from the text image into a video real-time display, the display control technology to the network from a single screen-based development, and shows different shape from flat to round development. The domestic advanced level display and level of quality international brands have similar domestic products, most of the technical indicators for major international brands and products have been close. But the display MTBF, refresh rate, brightness uniformity, shell protection grade, safety requirements, EMC, product quality certification, in particular, the product technology and international brand products have a considerable gap. The past two years, in particular, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games-related projects will not only have great technical innovation, and display quality has greatly improved. The domestic first-class quality of the products have been close to or exceed international brand products. (C) exports increased year by year In recent years, exports in the national LED display market, gradually increasing the proportion of sales. 2008 export sales accounted for less than 15%, in 2007 the export trade association member unit of 11.5 million, accounting for 20% of sales in 2008, the industry exports are expected to display more than 2 billion. (D) intense internal competition and an unfavorable external environment LED display business investment in fixed assets may be relatively small, liquidity is not much demand, the industry has been basically formed complete industry chain, it is relatively easy entry. Industry, there are many new members each year. As product homogenization, technology duplication of the majority of non-core competitiveness of SMEs, the industry eventually form a price war. In particular, domestic tenders, often have more than a dozen involved, the price of vicious competition, so that a considerable number of enterprises very difficult situation. Display sales settlement is different from electronic products, and engineering projects on identical, resulting in difficulties in collection. Therefore, companies close down nearly every year. In 2008 the international financial crisis on the domestic economy has also brought great impact on advertising spending will be reduced, outdoor display would be cool investment boom, while the relevant government departments to strengthen management of outdoor advertising, so that the outdoor display in the second half of 2008 sales declined, so the fourth quarter of 2008 and in 2009 the industry output in particular, outdoor full-color screen will have a considerable degree of decline. At the same time the disappearance of the 2008 Olympic Games effect, giving the display in 2009 development of the industry has brought great difficulties. However, in recent years, statistics show that Matthew has been formed between enterprises, enterprises with more than billion in 2005 sales account for 33% of sales in 2006 increased by 43.2% in 2007 increased to 46.7%, is expected in 2008 more than 50%, therefore, intense internal competition and an unfavorable external environment will challenge business, display industry, Matthew will be even more prominent. (E) the industry has formed a complete industrial chain LED display screen industry is a electronic equipment manufacturing industry. Most of the enterprises by the early research institutes and universities set up scientific and technical personnel, enterprises use general-purpose LED and electronic components on their own development, design, production and LED display. From the development control system, design Molded mold and cabinet, to be responsible for processing semi-finished product, is a typical Chinese-style self-sufficient mode of production. In recent years, with the development of the industry, the industry and gradually form a clear division of labor, professional production of a dedicated display LED, switching power supply, integrated circuits, molded case and chassis components such as the enterprise; a professional R & D control system for system development Business; a professional production of the module, the module of the processing enterprises. Early in the industry of many small businesses into the LED display on the evolution of sales, installation, maintenance services, non-productive companies. The formation of the industrial chain to promote the industry development. First, the promotion of universal access of the LED display, as long as the corresponding parts procurement is very easy to assemble into a screen and train a lot of sales-oriented enterprises; Second, the greatly reduced production costs, due to professional production of the higher labor productivity, so that display in the domestic production of materials and labor productivity rising cases, the prices are still falling; third, the display quality has greatly improved, As the professional production, product quality than the earlier workshop-based production of significant changes, especially the formation of professional control system developers, so that the control system of the domestic level of small businesses have a greater leap forward. At the same time the formation of the industrial chain has also had a negative impact to the industry. Industrial chain is very easy to make small business formation, the increase of small enterprises increased competition in the industry. Many small and medium enterprises to participate in industry chain, stopped on their own product research and development, so that the industry in general identical product technology, quality, homogeneous product featureless, but the LED display screen formed the industrial chain to market needs, and will be further developed and refined. (6) LED display standards and intellectual property rights Display industry is currently the industry standards issued by the State Ministry of Information Industry "LED display universal norms" and the "LED display test method." "Sports stadiums with the display norms" being processed. In addition, the relevant areas of application has also developed standards for the display applications, such as the State Sport General Administration of "sports venue facilities use requirements level test methods (Part 1: LED Display)", Ministry of Railway's "guide LED passenger information show standards, "Ministry of Transportation's" Highway Variable Information sheet standards "," variable speed limit signs highway standards, "Ministry of Public Security" urban traffic guidance report the standards "and so on, which constitute the standardization of our LED display system, the basic framework for the regulation of market development, promoting industrial upgrading has an important role. Industry awareness of IPR protection of enterprises is also rising. According to China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association, LED display applications Branch 2007 of the 127 member units of the incomplete statistics, in 2007 the industry to apply the appearance and utility model patents, 212, invention patents 44; to obtain authorization appearance and utility model patents, 169 invention patents 11; application software for the right to register 67; to obtain the right software to make the registration of 65; trade mark application number 54, to obtain the number of authorized registered trademark of 29. 3, LED display add luster for the Beijing Olympic Games, the domestic advanced level comparable with international brands Beijing Olympic Games has attracted a global audience's attention, in which one of the most striking is its extensive use of LED display products, China's LED display industry as the Olympic Games for the country by Tim light color. Olympics opening ceremony picture display, fantasy rings, all the Olympic venues of the LED display, many of the Beijing Olympic Cultural Square LED display, the Beijing Olympic Games, supporting the subway, companies, buildings, traffic guidance and other displays by our industry's enterprise development. According to incomplete statistics, the only member of industry associations to provide the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games LED display products, providing nearly 20 venues LED display provides a central area of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Cultural Square nearly 50 LED display provides a nearly 200 Beijing Public Transport-related display. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games is both a sports event is also a LED display applications event, apply to the Beijing Olympic Games LED display products, the number, size and technical level have reached an unprecedented new phase. Beijing Olympic Games display fully proved that the domestic advanced level in the domestic first-class enterprise can also be comparable with the international brand. Fourth, accelerate the development of China's LED display industry recommendations Although the rapid development of China's LED display industry, but the industry level of technology and manufacturing processes with the international advanced level there is a certain gap between the majority of enterprises are mainly the lack of independent intellectual property rights of core technologies and industrialization of small, high-performance LED light tube (tube core) dependence on imports, mostly in the form of display products, mainly low-grade. Small and medium enterprises, especially small businesses account for a large proportion of the number of domestic LED display for export mainly on price competitive advantage. To this end the following recommendations: (A) To strengthen communication with the Government to strive for greater government support for State LED display industry is currently supporting small enterprises in their bid to obtain the capacity of relevant national support is relatively weak. Therefore, industry associations and enterprises have to strengthen the communication with the Government to strive for state industry and enterprise support. Photoelectric local government to guide development of parks and macro-control methods to use to attract and fund-based businesses and to focus on better nurture, and the formation of the corresponding production chain. (B) to strengthen industry standards and establishing the scientific basis for judging the quality of Standardization work on regulating the market, improve product quality and standard of the industry and promote the overall development of the industry plays an important role, for which the need to strengthen the building of industry standards, improve the "universal norms", according to the State Ministry of Information Industry, "15" flat panel display standards recommend that during the period project book, draw up corresponding technical standards. Display a variety of purposes, including standards, different surface display standards, engineering installation and acceptance standards. Through the standard regulating the market, so that different levels of product development to meet the different needs of different occasions, but also allow unqualified products can not survive, so that the healthy development of the industry. (C) upstream and downstream enterprises to strengthen cooperation LED display products related to materials science, optics, computer, television and electronics technology, so the industry's upstream and downstream because