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Local construction industry chain significantly improved the cost advantage of plasma - plasma TV, LВ В  by jekky

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(728, ' lt BR gt 2009 in the second half the Chinese mainland market set off a high concentration of investment in generation LCD panel The tide line But the face of this wave of enthusiasm a number of industry expressed their concerns at every turn billion dollar investment on the strength of the smaller size of the risk of large Chinese enterprises lt BR gt China Electronic Video Industry Association said white people in the flat TV panels cost components the resistors capacitors semiconductors and other electronic components accounted for 70 of the cost LCD industrial resistors capacitors semiconductor technology and more concentrated in the hands of foreign companies in China or Taiwan so Chinese companies do not have the core technology in the case of the collective involved in flat panel industry will not bring significant reduction in the cost of investment is very risky lt BR gt Contrast maturing construction industry chain localization of plasma industry has gradually reveals its price advantage This reporter has learned through two years of construction to Changhong Mianyang plasma as the leading industrial clusters have been formed including the production of silver electrodes phosphor material magnesium oxide protective film material filter film accessory products business continued to move closer to Changhong lt BR gt Changhong Korea ORION acquisition curves for several years has built a foundation technologies including R amp D product R amp D process R amp D technology industry including a set of R amp D system and formed a rainbow Europe Mianyang Sichuan Province company as the core R amp D centers in Beijing and other ions and South Korea R amp D center for technical support ion plasma R amp D system Changhong acquired Plasma screen The total number of patents reached 600 lt BR gt At the same time the core of the East China Hefei plasma cluster are increasingly forming According to Anhui Xin Hao Plasma Display Devices Co Ltd and Hitachi Plasma Display Ltd agreement Anhui Xin Hao will introduce a Hitachi plasma product technology manufacturing technology and four to take the production line equipment and undertake Hitachi Plasma 30 years of technology accumulation and technical team the same time patent licensing building an annual capacity of 1 5 million in 42 inch meter plasma panel production line product specifications covering 42 inch 50 inch 60 inch 85 inch next mainstream large size the full realization of the plasma industry localization of manufacturing lt BR gt Anhui Province recently issued the quot Anhui electronic information industry restructuring and revitalization quot in the clear that the development of information Home Appliances And a new flat panel display as a development priority Can be expected plasma panel implementation of large projects is bound to attract more manufacturers and related machine manufacturers settled in Hefei plasma industry chain will be more perfect lt BR gt quot Leading enterprises in China 39 s industrial technology research and development while relying on its technical strength advancing to the core plasma display plasma display industry clusters and trying to achieve localization of raw materials process equipment based on technology localization and localization to build complete industrial chain of plasma display it will be China TV Industry to provide strong industry support quot White people said lt BR gt Compared to LCD the industry chain of favorable conditions to achieve localization to the edge plasma of the cost Contrast in the same size and configuration Plasma TV Than the cost of low cost LCD TVs nearly 10 Localization advantage for many companies also look forward to the prospect of plasma so more companies to participate into this industry but also further promote the domestic industry 39 s support system of plasma so that the cost advantages and technological advantages can be sustained lt BR gt Reporter learned that in early 2009 plasma association was only Changhong Matsushita Samsung Hua Hin Hisense and other units of several members but the sight of the first to achieve plasma chain localization as was King Technology Co Ltd Nanjing Xi 39 an New Asia Engineering Co Ltd Hebei Yuk Machinery Equipment Co Ltd Mianyang Isaacs Electronic Materials Co Ltd and other companies to demonstrate the confidence of the plasma industry and was recently accepted as new members of the Board of plasma professional committees lt BR gt White people said compared to LCD and plasma industry localization obvious advantages Of course China should give full play to the plasma industry Changhong Panasonic and other leading role of leading enterprises around the equipment materials devices localization in areas such as construction of the industrial chain and vigorously strengthen the screen module and the integration of machine design manufacturing order all round increase the competitiveness of plasma products ')