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MOTO milestone review: how to enjoy dvd and video with your mobile phone

In 2008, the MOTO Company has said, foreign markets development center will turn Android operating system. Since then, the development of Gphone industry will focus on MOTO For a long time, the MOTO users has been looked forward to its new product, until the Droid (BBS, offer, picture, and parameter) published, just let everyone believed MOTO - with Android operating system the return of the king. So, Motorola are back with a bang and the MILESTONE is one of the best spec's phones to ever run Android


This is one of the thinnest landscape-sliding QWERTY devices available on the market. Its overall footprint is similar to the iPhone 3GS, except for the fact that it's slightly thicker (13.7mm) because of the inclusion of the physical QWERTY. It is rather big (116 x 60 x 13.7mm) and heavy (169g). In addition, it is the first Android phone to sport a 3.7" TFT touch screen at 480 x 854 with support for up to 16 million colors. Flipping it over to its back, it has the 5-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash towards the upper portion while the external speaker grid is lined up towards the bottom. When removing the metal back cover, the battery and microSD card slot will be exposed.


According to the manufacturer, the battery of the Motorola MILESTONE should be able to provide 6.5hrs of continuous talk time and keep the device operational for 350hrs in standby.


MOTOROLA Milestone is the first to have the latest build of Android - version 2.0 and has been taken several improvements than old version. Firstly, the system interface visual effect is more outstanding. Some ICONS on the edge design beautification and whole feels more clean and neat. One thing we found useful quite often was the Google Search function to accomplish a mix of operations. You can execute the search by holding down the dedicated touch sensitive button - which will then prompt you to speak. Although no built-in MOTO Blur interface, but the MOTOROLA Milestone is been introduced double-click zoom function. In our web, you just can zoom via double taps; the current web page can be realized zoom. It is not only convenient browse, but in operation tiny hyperlinks function is also help.


The Motorola MILESTONE is a quad band GSM with dual band 3G (900/2100MHz) that allows for fast, wireless internet connectivity on networks across Europe and Asia. Naturally, you can use the Wi-Fi anytime if there is a hotspot nearby. Motorola has promised support for Flash 10 in the first half of 2010, but until then you will have to put up with the fact you simply cannot relish the full beauty of the Internet. The HTC Hero has the advantage of being able to visualize Flash elements, but scrolling is more sluggish on the overall. All told, the Motorola MILESTONE is equipped with one of the best web browsers on Android handsets today.


The 5-megapixel camera takes pictures in three resolutions and boasts a slick user interface. Fortunately, Android fixes that problem by adding four white balance settings, several "scene" modes (night, landscape, sunset, and so on), three image quality choices, an autofocus, a macro setting, and seven color effects. The Droid also has a dual-LED flash.

Camcorder settings are fewer, but you can edit the video quality and the length allowed for each clip. You can film for 30 seconds if you're adding the video to a multimedia message, but you can go for up to 30 minutes in normal mode. Video quality is actually fairly good--it could handle action better than its Android counterparts and there was little pixelation. Indeed, a closer look at the specs told us why. Not only do videos record at a 720 x 480 resolution, the Droid films at 24 frames per second (fps) (video playback can go up to 30fps).


One area that remains relatively untouched by Android 2.0 is the built-in media player. There aren't any major enhancements to the player in terms of interface or functionality, which is too bad. You still get support for MP3, AAC, AMR-NB, WAV, MIDI, and Windows Media Audio 9 formats and the player includes shuffle, repeat, and playlist creation. As it is right now, you have to use the old drag-and-drop method using the USB cable or sideload them using a microSD card.

Music quality was quite good. Thanks to the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack, we plugged in our Bose On-ear Headphones and enjoyed rich-sounding songs. Unfortunately, the Motorola MILESTONE does not support DivX and Xvid files, but at least H.264 videos with resolution of 720x306 pixels played without any issues.

Detailed process is as follows:

When you finished the download process, run the.exe file to install it.

Step 1: Click "Add File" button to import your videos from your computer.

Step 2: Click "Format" combo box to select the output format.

Step 3: Click "Convert" button to start conversion. The conversion will be completed in a short time.

Email, calendar, and contacts

The Droid now offers native Microsoft Exchange synchronization out of the box for email, calendar, and contacts, in addition to support for Gmail and POP3 and IMAP accounts. With Android 2.0, you can have messages from various accounts displayed in one unified in-box; messages are color-coded by account so you can visually differentiate them at a glance.

Unfortunately (well, depending on your preference), it doesn't appear that you can combine work and personal calendars as you can on the Palm Pre. Instead, you'll find separate apps for your corporate calendar and your personal one.

With the support for various accounts, contact management could get a bit dodgy, but the Droid offers a pretty smart contact management system. Similar to the Palm WebOS Synergy feature, the Droid merges contact information from various accounts, Exchange, Gmail, and Facebook, and combines them on a single contact card for an individual.