Music Video Directors - Top 5 Myths - Why Not To Start Your Career As A Music Video Director Today

MYTH #1: You need to go to film school.

Wrong! While film school is really fun, and a great way to network with other filmmakers, you don't have to go.

MYTH #2: You don't live near Hollywood, New York, or London, therefore you could never break into the Music Video Industry.

Wrong! Some of the Industry's most successful music video directors come from Finland, England, Russia, South America, Japan, India, and all throughout the United States, just to name a few. In a lot of ways, it could work to your benefit, because you have abundant resources of people that want to help you create videos for little or no money. Additionally, you have a chance to cut your teeth as a director and build your reel, without a critical eye of people in the industry watching you.

MYTH #3: It is an impossible industry to break into.

Wrong! This industry has more opportunities than probably any other segment of the Entertainment Industry. Because music videos are short in length, and have a limited amount of time that they are featured on MTV and related sites, there is a constant need for new, and inventive music videos. Additionally, this being on of the most successful launching pads for directors to becoming feature film, television, and commercials directors, there is constantly a need for new and upcoming talent.

MYTH #4: You are a female, and it is a career path that is only for males.