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Semantic Web - Using Lsi Keywords In Latent Semantic Indexing To Achieve High Degree Of Content

Latent Semantic Indexing is the latest development in search engine language to communicate correctly the visitor query into the vast Internet database and successfully retrieve the desired search result that is understood easily by human beings. Employing artificial intelligence in search engine language in form of LSI keywords so that they can understand, interpret and convert human language words into the mathematical language that computer understand very well, is a step forward in the right direction in making this internet world truly a Semantic web.

What is a Semantic Web?

There are approximately 20 billion pages on the net. This enormous database needs new access technology to get high quality search results. One way is to infuse artificial intelligence into the search engines so they understand human language words and are able to relate them with root keyword typed into the query by the visitor. The idea is make the whole web capable enough to understand, respond, perform and deliver the results more like human beings rather than a virtual machine.

LSI Keywords are an Intelligent Search Option

Latent Semantic Indexing has evolved from the present system where search engines rely on single keyword to locate, index and rank a site or page. This is a constricted approach that limits the search engine results, that has no variety in it. The LSI keywords offer a better human-to-engine interface by using related keywords or phrases that have high degree of content relevance. This concept is well liked by the engine spiders because in their eyes it is unique and hence deserves higher page ranking. The ability of the search engine to draw an analogy between main keyword, its' synonyms, plurals and related phrases helps greatly in maintaining a high degree of content relevance and achieve higher page ranking.

Humanizing Search Engines to Work better in Semantic Web

Latent Semantic Indexing is a path breaking concept that is all set to revolutionize the way the web is accessed. The concept of the LSI Keywords to increase the content relevance of the web content is changing the way the engines judge a site or page while giving it a higher page ranking. Semantic web promises to bring forth the new ways in which search engines anticipate and understand about the nature and intent of the customer query and successfully retrieve the data that relates well with it.

By: Ricardo Lumbardo1