Why Most People Wont Make a Dime Selling Audio Products

It's true, there's a huge wave of audio products hitting the Internet. And, if this doesn't get you excited as an Internet marketer, then perhaps you need your pulse checked!

But few people seem to be taking notice. Give me a second and I'll tell you why this is a mistake and what you can do to capitalize on it.

First though, you should understand the motivation behind the sudden surge in audio products. Actually, there are several reasons and many have to do with recent technological advances that have made audio listening and production much more practical online than it was just a few short months ago.

Take convenience for instance. It wasn't too long ago that the ultimate in time saving activities was to receive a box of audio cassette tapes, pop one into a cassette recorder and begin enjoying the presentation.

Death of the Audio Cassette Tape...

The days of the cassette tape are numbered though - surely headed toward the same dinosaur heap upon which the 8-track tape ended. And the reason? Because in today's instant gratification society, the process of receiving the cassette tapes simply takes too long.

Don't look for cassette tapes to disappear tomorrow, but they are definitely on the way out -replaced by downloadable audio books. What makes downloadable audio books so popular?

Because they fill our need for immediate gratification. They can be downloaded at a moment's notice, burned onto a CD-ROM or iPod and carried wherever our heart desires.

Commuters who sit in long road-rage lines headed to and from work each day, find their drive much more soothing when they take along a good audio book. It represents the ultimate "killing two birds with one stone" phenomenon.

Downloadable Audio College Degrees...

Several years ago, someone figured out an average of how many hours people wasted sitting in traffic trying to get to work and back. They speculated that you could easily earn enough credits for a college degree in no time if you used that time to listen to audio books for which college credits were granted.

Some folks claim that listening to audio books is actually addicting. I wouldn't be surprised considering the American public's appetite for audio products. Probably the most important aspect that makes audio products so popular is their portability.

It represents a one means of filling the small bit of idle time we find ourselves with during our waking hours. Others claim that playing audios while they sleep actually enhances the learning process.

The idea is to simply play the subject matter over and over and over again and, when you wake, you're a genius. Oh were it only so simple for me!

Your mileage may vary, but I've found the technique didn't work for me. Perhaps I'm a slow learner and I need two nights of repetition instead of one. Who knows?

Don't get me wrong. There still is a bit of controversy surrounding audio books. Obviously, not everyone is a staunch believer in the benefits.