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Audio Product, Create Your Own Audio Product in Less Than 90 MinutesВ В  by Mark Healy

in Business В В  (submitted 2011-06-22)

Would you like to create your very own audio interview product with an expert within 2 hours? Here is your step by step guide

to starting from scratch to creating a masterpiece audio interview product that will get you expert status in your market

Most newcomers into internet marketing will have no product of their own , what a perfect way to not only get your own first product created from scratch with zero cost but establish yourself as an authority in your market at the same time.

Here is the step by step process you need to do:

Step 1. Find an expert in your niche in places like clickbank, forums, facebook, twitter and search google and if there are companies ranked on page 1 these are also great places to look.Offline magazines are also excellent places to find experts as well as high authority blogs.

Step 2.Once you have written down 12 experts and contact details, i now want you to contact each of them individualy by email or phone its up to you.

Step 3.You mention to the experts that you would like to do a 1 hour interview with them and in return will offer them the rights to the audio product so they can sell it or place this in their membership site etc.Also mention the benefit that you they will be getting free publicity and exposure from this interview and it will be distributed widely across the internet and that they can even promote one of their own products in the interview.

This will hit their hot buttons and get them to say yes to you.If you have done any previous audio interviews with experts in your niche you can mention this as well and this can be used as leverage to get you the next interview

Step 4.When the expert agrees to do the audio product, set up a time you will do this and send the expert a list of questions you will ask them in advance as interview prep for them.

Step 5.You will need skype to do this, so if you have not got skype you can download it for free.You can also use pamela for skype its very cheap cost and will record the interview for you when you connect to skype.

Step 6. Once you have recorded the skype call, save as MP3 file and edit the mp3 beginning and end of the recording using audacity which is free online and your done.

I know if you follow these steps you will not only create a very valuable interview but it only takes 2 hours maximum to complete and gives you instant credibility and status in any niche you are in and your subscribers will also be benefiting from the amazing content delivered in the audio.This is a great way also to get a future joint venture partner.Remember as long as you do your interview prep and let the expert know what your intentions are with this you will be fine.